Coastal hikes

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Anyone got any info on some other multi day coastal trails in SA. With 2500km of coastline there must be a lot more than my short list of: Wild Coast (all), whale and otter trails.

You searched for coast - Hiking South Africa :wink::+1:

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shipwreck trail near Port Alfred,Strandloper from Kei river to Ganubie,cape point 2 day trail.

Thanks Chris

I did the Harkerville Trail a few years ago. It was spectacular.

On the West Coast, the Cray Fish Hike and the Swart Tobie can be recommended.

East Coast is the Emonyeni trail (in the Cape Vidal Nature reserve), and the “former Transkei” can be hiked in three parts, starting from Post St. Johns to Coffee Bay, Coffee Bay to :The Heaven" near Bashee.
We have not done the last part yet, and I am not sure of the exact location, but it in the vicinity of Morgans Bay or Gunobie.

Then there is the Strandloper Hike, Kei Mouth, that is quite popular as well.

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Thanks Annette

Hi Annette, can you recommend one of these trail to go in a small group and without the whole slackpacking stuff?

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Hi,Sonja.Almost all of them can be done in 4 but max 8 or 12 people.

The former Transkei hikes are done in back packs.The one starting from Port St.John to Coffee Bay is a guided hike,where you sleep at some of the identified communities homes, but in your own dedicated hut,and they are your hosts.Sleeping gear and cuttlery are not neccessary to carry,and you are provided with breakfast and dinner at every overnight point.

The West Coast ones are also backpacking, without tents. Emonyeni on the East Coast, one sleeps in your own tents but walk with a guide during the day.

It is advisable to do a google search on those that you would like to do,as they will normally indicate the type of hike,i.e.back pack,slack pack,or back backs to be couriered.ect.It will also indicate the amount of hikers allowed per day on each trail.

For safety purposes,it is also asvisable to be at least 4 people,if some one might get injured,and another person has to go ansd seek help.
Hope this will help.

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Hi Andrew, there is a new four day coastal slackpacking hike in the vicinity of Stilbaai in the Southern Cape area. Beautiful scenery and a variety of features. Check it out at

That does line a beautiful stretch of coastline, thanks Derek

Thank you Annette for the advices. This will help planning the next trip, hopefully in November.
Kind regards and Greetings from Germany

You are most welcome,Sonja.South Africa have a beautiful coastline,and our landscapes are as awsome when one experience it by foot.