Cool sights along the N7?

A friend and I are driving up the N7 tomorrow (all the way to Springbok) and I want to know if there are any cool sights along the way.
Something that we don’t have to take too much of a detour for.
Anything outdoorsy that doesn’t require a 4x4.

Both will require a bit of a there-and-back detour, but worthwhile imho:
Middelberg pas outside Citrusdal (R303) - stunning scenery on a gravel pass that snakes through some serious drop-offs; did it with a normal car but condition varies
Van Rhynspas between Van Rhynsdorp and Nieuwoudtville - tar road but might be a bit too much of a detour; if I had one choice I’d go for Middelberg pas.

Also check the mountainpasses map below; seems there’s lots just off the N7

  1. Lelliefontein (near Garies) site of the first Genocide in the 20th Century. Opposite this, theres a nice viewing point of where the British soldiers took refuge outside Garies in amongst the rock formations, even some 1900’s Graffiti :
    -30.5923566, 17.9610868 (open in Google maps) you can drive right up to it - I did it in a Quantum.

  2. The Grave of Charles Darter - The loneliest grave and smallest fenced plot of British soil in the world.
    -30.310650, 17.893838. Just before the top of the rise in the road on the East side theres a tree that stand out alone about 20m from the road. This is absolutely worth stopping for coffee and a reflection on the past…

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