Cost of importing dehydrated foods from UK

I have found a site in the UK with a big dehydrated food selection. They Ship for free worldwide. But does anyone know what the custom duties will be on dehydrated food?

Hi Susan
You must also have a look at The Raw Food Company in Cape Town.

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Or try Peak Gourmet in PE. Great menu.

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Oh wow, awesome! Didn’t even know of them!

Guys & Ladies

If anyone wants to know more alternatives in possible food sources, please DM me…

Wellness warehouse has an increasingly large selection of dehydrated vegetables. I often mix my own with a starch of choice (and meat if so inclined) and some flavours for lightweight, easy cooking hiking meals.

Mother City Muchrooms also has delicious dehydrated oyster mushrooms :slight_smile:

Can also recommend Raw Food Company, but I prefer to make my own mixes from their veg than go with their pre-made meals. But that’s just me. Their snacks are however, really delicious!

I find veggies that don’t really need much cooking to be best (e.g. tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms) to keep cooking time (and gas use) down.

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