Could you recommend me any agency for hiking in the Drakensberg?


My name is Sara and and I am very interested in hiking in a the Drakensberg, between 3- and 6-days hike.

I will be in South Africa from January 24tth to February 10th

Please could you recommend me any agency for hiking in the Drakensberg?

Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you,

Sara from Spain

I’ve never used him or any other guide but the man behind Peak High is Gavin Raubenheimer, also heads Mountain Search and Rescue for Drakensberg…a safe bet.

Hola. ¡Las montañas de Drakensberg son hermosas!

Agreed - Gavin/Peak High Mountaineering is one of the most clued up local guides.

Paul Roth of High Horizons is also really good if you’ll be visiting the Southern Drakensberg (Underberg area).

If you are visiting Mnweni, consider using the guides from Mnweni Cultural Centre, as they generally know the region better than anyone.

Cathedral Peak has their own guides, so if you are staying at the hotel, you can usually arrange guides via them.

Do you have a specific route in mind? If you don’t have a route yet, are fit enough, and aren’t put off by exposure - I would highly recommend going up Camel Pass at Didima Nature Reserve. If you have enough time, you can loop that with a traverse through Elephant Gully (don’t miss Elephant Gully) and down the Bell Traverse and maybe climbing Cathedral Peak too. Just a heads up that this route includes a few spots with scrambles above big drops - so you need to be comfortable with heights. But the views are incredible.

Here’s my writeup from doing a similar route a few years ago (although we used Mlambonja Pass instead of Bell Traverse, the top of the routes is the same), which includes some photo so you can get an idea of what the route looks like:

Hola. Yo hago hiking generalment solo en las Drakensberg Mountains.

Yo te puedo puedo recomendar por experiencia personal Soul Adventures:

Sus guias son muy buenos. Particularment, Patrick.

Cualquier pregunta con mucho gusto le ayudo. Yo hablo espannol.

Saludos, Edwin.