Current water situation on the Fish River Canyon

Has anyone recently hiked the Fish? What is the water situation this year?

There is a facebook group called I hiked the Fish River Canyon. People post their experiences in a lot of detail which will give you a good idea of what’s happening at the moment. I’ve found that very valuable. We’ve planned to go mid June but decided to move our booking on to next year. I’m all for adventure but don’t want to make a leisurely 6 day hike where we can really take in the landscape, into a 4 day hike because we have to chase water. I guess it’s more about how you want this experience to go down as some people love a challenge like that and others like to take their time at looking at rocks :sweat_smile:


I don’t remember my exact config, but I found the Sentinel Sat images useful last time we went. Couldn’t get up to date water info during covid, so just compared current satellite images and moisture index with past known good years so I could get a sense of things. Transferred marks for larger recent pools over onto our maps as a guesstimate.