Delicious Trail Recipes

We did the 3-day trail at Five Assegaais (old Num-Num) a few weeks ago. I was looking for something different to the same-ol-same-ol meals we usually take on a hike and came across this site (I found a reference to it in a “Weg”-magazine):

One word: AMAZING!

Our food will now always be the envy of our fellow hikers.


So Im back to looking for food ideas. Specifically light weight foods that don’t require a lot of water to cook.
Most of the recipes online cater for distant places where theres an abundance of water. Thats not a very “African” thing.
In summer many of the trails in the Western Cape are devoid of water for a couple of days unless you’re prepared to slog down the blasted mountain and back up again meaning a round trip of 4+ hours. The solution is to carry more water…

So Im looking for light weight water friendly ideas.

The local shops have all but run out of the imported Country kitchen dehydrated meals and only have apple pie or rice something or another.

Typically Ive relied on pasta/CousCous/Noodles and dehydrated vegetables or freeze dried foods.
Problem is they are water intensive, (particularly Freeze dried)
A pasta portion (1/2 a knorr meal-in-a bag) requires 400ml of water.
The Back country cuisine require 500ml of water.
Breakfast for me is Oat-so-easy (180ml water) and sultana’s / Chia seeds. (50ml water)
Lunch is dried snacks and a packet soup (200ml water)
Dinner is the main affair where the water issue is my problem anyone got solutions or tips?

Obviously when you’re hiking to a destination with water this becomes less of an issue, but being out there really makes you think about water use.