Deuter Aircontact 50+10 SL hiking backpack for females for sale!


Amazing backpack for sale. Specifically made for female hikers. Very well padded around hips. Rain cover included. Have done the Amatola and Otter trail with the pack, and it is still in excellent condition. Bought it 8 months ago for more than R3000. Selling price is R1900. Reason for selling is that I will be doing the PCT and will need a smaller bag for that.
Contact details: 082 341 2296
From Kraaifontein near Cape Town.


Lucky you for doing the PCT. I’m envious. Good luck.


Hi Jolanda is this pack still available? I am doing the Otter in September?


Hi Lane. It is still available. You can contact me at or 0823412296.


Damn!! Just bought my wife a 50L K-Way in the last few days…

Hierdie Deuter sakke is AMAZING en wie ookal hierdie bargain optel gaan groot score!


Maybe you can return it and then buy this bag? :wink:


O the thought DID cross my mind…:joy:

Thing is, the K-Way is mostly bright royal blue (my wife’s favourite…) YOU convince her…:joy:emphasized text