Disposal of gas canisters


I was wondering if anyone in the Cape Town area knows of a place one can safely dispose of old gas canisters? (the small non-refillable ones)

I’ve read that if one punches a tiny hole in the side of an empty or near empty one and let all the gas out one can then just recycle them?

All my near empty or empty ones are starting to take up so much space… :see_no_evil:

Thanks so much!

Good question. I usually toss my old ones into my weekly recycle bag here at home

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Jetboil Crunchit Recycling Tool



Oh wow, this could work. I don’t use Jetboil gas but will read up to see if it works on the one I use. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I also thought that could work, just a bit nervous there is still some gas left in the bottle bur this tool Stu shared might just fix that problem :slight_smile:

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It works for all those canisters apparently. How to Recycle Your Fuel Canister - YouTube
I’m no expert but wouldn’t it be safe enough to just open the stove valve and release all the gas out then puncture with a sharp object, as with this tool?


Okay great, that tool looks like the answer to my problem :slight_smile:
Also, looks more stable than using a sharp something else. I did read up that puncturing it and making sure the gas is totally released is an acceptable way for recycling these.

Thanks again Stu!

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Just let them run dry and take a screw driver and hammer. No special tools required.


Finally a justification for buying the 100g cans

Gas Converter Shifter Refill Flat Tank Conversion Adapter Camping Gas Adapter Valve

Refill from either 500g cans or get a different adapter and refill from the domestic bottles