DIY ultralight backpack made in South Africa

Try Sondor.

Insane!! Id love to chat to you about it! Looking to create my own as well! I have absolutely no idea where to start???

Hi Ivan,

Because of the general interest in these UL packs and the lack of local alternatives, I am starting to now make these packs up for the hiking community. I hope to have a website up in a few weeks so people can look at options and order customised packs.

I have private messaged you my details so that we can chat further.



Yay! Please let us know when the site is up and running.

Here you go.


Thanks Wandelaar!

Yip, the site is up and running and I am taking orders. SEO is not what it should be yet, so you won’t find it on Google easily. Best to follow the link. You will find my contact details on the site, or you can DM me here if you want more info.

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