Double-bagging sleeping bag

Hi all,

I am new to hiking and looking to get a sleeping bag for use in the Western Cape. I have been looking at the Ice Breaker as this seems to come highly recommended, but I don’t want it to be overkill when it’s warmer.

I have question - can I use something light in the summer like the FA Down Light or KWay Lite 500, and then use a FA Down Blanket inside/over the bag in winter?

Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks all for the inputs.

I think the down blanket is a pretty cool idea - especially if you already own a sleeping bag and don’t have the money to buy a new, warmer one.
If I had to buy from scratch however I’d rather go for a sleeping bag with the required ratings. The down blanket won’t keep your feet properly warm - a foot box / baffle is a key feature when sleeping in freezing conditions. Also the baffles around the chest and head won’t function as well as they should.
If I were you I’d rather just bite the bullet and buy an Ice Breaker / similar bag.

Makes sense! Last question - any thoughts on the FA Explorer vs ICE Breaker - see this is comfort rated to 5 degrees - anybody have experience with this one?

The Explorer seems like a re-make of the Fusion 600. Was a very good bag - not quite as versatile as the Ice Breaker but a capable weight and budget orientated bag.
Your choice should depend on what you intend to do. Regular winter hikes in areas where it snow, then I’d say Ice Breaker. If not the Explorer seems to be a good choice. You can also sleep in warm clothing (thick socks; down jacket) and / or add a thermal liner to deal with sub-zero temps. It’s all about the balance of factors. Perhaps find a store that stock both bags and go and climb into them - the actual experience will probably teach you more than the specs.