Drakensberg Grand Traverse (26 March) Open to last minute additions

Hi all, I hope you are doing well!

I’m looking to do a GT (Aiming for 10 days) starting on the 26th of March. At the moment we are three guys. As mentioned in a previous post in which I asked for some info and advice on the GT we are not new to hiking in any sense, but we don’t really have much experience (or any) in the central Berg area.

So I thought it would be great If anyone with a bit more experience in the Berg would be open doing a short notice GT starting 26 March? If you don’t have much experience in the Berg but consider yourself up for a challenge and a relatively fit fast hiker (note, a who hiker who is fast, not necessarily a fast-hiker), feel free to PM as well. Like I mentioned, we are three at the moment, and I would actually prefer being a few more people (4 - 6).

We have (a friend of a friend) accommodation at the end point (Bushmansneck) with space for you (no charge that I know of) and will be leaving from PTA (Centurion) on Friday the 25th driving down to our Bushmansneck accommodation, sleeping there, and then leaving for Witsieshoek very early on the 26th.

If you’re interested, hit me up with an email or pm!