Drakensberg Grand Traverse hiking permits

So has anyone found an email address or telephone number where we can pay for hiking&camping permits for the above?
I have tried finding info on other blogs/forums but nothing recent regarding the permits.
So do we phone each separate reserve and try and book that way? (Have phoned Giants castle and you can’t pay online with them…)
Also how to pay a portion to mountain rescue??
Any advice would be welcome!

If you do the traverse south to north, it is a lot easier to sort out, just buy your permits at Bushmans Nek. Unfortunately buying them online still isn’t an option. I have talked to Ezemvelo staff, and they have been pushing for it for years, but it still hasn’t been done.

Sentinel Car Park will try to sell you a traverse permit, but that only covers you till the top of the chain ladders. After that, you aren’t covered for rescue, so you pay some exorbitant amount to Sentinel Car Park, and then promptly leave the area you have paid for before midday on day one. If you show them your Ezemvelo permit, you won’t be required to pay a Sentinel Car Park permit.

Of my 6 DGTs, 3 were south to north, and my 5th and 6th traverses were back to back, so I bought permits for the return hike when I started the previous one. For my 2nd traverse (my first N-S traverse), we left a car at the end before we started, so I bought permits then.


Thanks for the info.
Can’t believe they don’t have an online option yet.
Will see what we can organise