Drakensberg GT Nov '22

Hi all!

I am planning to do a Grand Traverse in November! Anyone interesting in joining can send me a whatsapp - 0727135140.


Hi there,

Just some questions that might be of use to anyone interested:

  1. Is it South-North or North-South?
  2. How many days?
  3. Supported or unsupported?


Probably north-south, 12 days, unsupported

12 days without a resupply - I do not envy your pack weight for the first few days! Are you going fully unsupported (i.e. not even having lunch at Sani) or just unsupported in the sense of no resupplies?

Arranging a Sani resupply is fairly easy - if you can get your resupply packs to Underberg, Sani Pass Tours is generally happy to drop it at Sani Top for you (just arrange with both in advance). Sometimes they ask for a small fee, like R100, but other times they do it for free. Having 2-3kg less pack weight for the first 8 days is huge, not to mention how much space you save in your pack by doing that.