Drakensberg Northern High Traverse

The Northern High Traverse of the Drakensberg is a 65km route from Sentinel Car Park in the Free State to Cathedral Peak Hotel in KZN. It is rated as one of the most worthwhile hiking routes on earth (can’t call it a hiking trail as there isn’t a specific trail, or even an official line).

The FKT on the route is currently held by Andrew Porter at around 14 hours - I had a crack at it on Sunday - my write up on it is at:


Big day out!! Thanks for sharing :smiley::+1:

Nice one!!!
I think a superb loop (and easier to get back to your car) is going up Fangs and down the Bell traverse. Like you said, there are many scenic options, but I think that is one of the best.

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Best day hike I have ever done was up Cockade Pass and down the Bell Traverse, with bagging Elephant, Leopard, Twins Top and the Outer Pudding. There are definitely some epic day hikes out there!