Drakensberg pet friendly hikes

Love hiking in the Drakensberg, its like an open canvas where you can decide how far, where to sleep over, etc.

However, feels like the only place you can hike with dogs are Mnweni area? Anyother places?

Yes, I know there are local dogs on the mountain that you need to be careful of when taking your own. But mostly the problem is where you park your car and start the hike… Conservation/Hotel areas with no-dog-policies. However, after 15min of hiking you are in no-mans-land?

Love hiking with our dogs and love the Berg…hope to find more places we can combine the two… Will also need to start with shorter day hikes next year when our kido arrives…so petfriendly day hikes in the berg will also be of great help!

Looking forward to suggestions if there are any.


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Hey @Letish . As far as I know there are many places around the Drakensberg Park that are pet friendly. Many of these would have decent hiking trails on their respective properties where dogs can tag along.

However from what I have read, pets are not allowed within KwaZulu Natal National Parks. But you could also contact KZN Wildlife directly to make sure.

But don’t let that spoil your fun - with some research you may be able to find good pet friendly accommodation near the Park which will still provide some great day trails and Drakensberg-esque scenery. Also, the combination of accommodation plus day trails may be an ideal option for when the little one arrives.


Hi Letish
Thats correct Ezemvelo does not allow dogs in the park. Antbear Lodge is a pet friendly accommodation near to Giants Castle www.antbear.co.za. There is also the Giants Castle Slack Packing Trail. Its actually 3 days. You would be able to do the first 2 days of that trail with a dog. The 3rd day goes into the Zulu Waters Game Reserve where dogs are not allowed but as a pet friendly slack packing trail the shorter version works well too.

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Great, thank you for the two suggestions! However, noticed it is bit more luxurious than our usual hiking budget. 3 Course meals and a R7900 pp rate is a bit out of our league but it sounds very scenic and beautiful thanks.


If you do decide you would like to do that just contact antbear and see what kind of special deal thay can do. That R7900 is for 3 nights and one night is at the 5 star shaka lodge with own private chef. It would less as you would only have the other 2 lodges.