Dry sacks


Do you use dry sacks for your gear?


Yebo! It’s the only guarantee that things will stay dry. I use the Sea To Summit dry sacks - one for my sleeping bag and one for my clothes. I’ve also recently started using a small one for electronics - super handy.

I tried the UltraSil ones for a while but I found them too flimsy. Also, one got exposed to the sun for a few days and the waterproof lining completely perished.


yeah drysacks for the win! i have one with a valve outlet - allows you to compress your clothing in the drybag; literally vacuum packing it. just don’t see the valve-type drybags a lot. but super handy to keep your gear dry & keep things organised.


is it the sea to summit evac sack?


Hi Paul
Normally use a large dog food packet inside my rugsak
Keeps everything dry, seems to be strong enough


Thanks mike


Fresh approach…not one I would have selected as a first solution to the problem…



I definitely use dry bags. It is very useful in keeping everything dry in your Hiking pack but for me, most importantly it keeps everything organised. I put my food in one and my clothes in another. When stopping for lunch or taking a break, it is alot easier to pack out and repack my bag when getting to the things that I need. I used my dry bag containing my clothes as a pillow while on the Otter Trail. The sea to summit bags are nice but quite expensive. I have found that the Coglans dry bags are cheaper but works just as well. I bought my bags at Trappers. coghlan-bag-5