Durban day hikes

Hi guys

I recently moved to Durban (from Cape Town) and naturally started looking for day hikes to do. I know, I know, the Drakensberg is here :stuck_out_tongue: , but sometimes you only have time for a day hike.

I tried to Google a few nice day hikes, but couldn’t find more than 3 or 4 with an adequate description (one that includes the duration and intensity of the hike). The websites seem to focus on fauna, flora and “scenic trails” as opposed to day hikes.

So I was wondering if anyone here have done any nice day hikes around Durban that they can recommend? So far I’m familiar with Kranzkloof and Giba gorge, I’ll write a short summary of Giba gorge for the ones who haven’t been there.

Giba gorge:
Giba gorge has a scenic hiking trail that leads to a high (about 15m I would guess) waterfall and pool. The pool is nice and cool :sunglasses: and you can swim in it. When exiting the pool, you might have some small leeches on you, but they can be wiped off and are pretty much harmless as far as I understand.
Difficulty: I would say 2/5
Time: 2hours (excluding swimming, relaxed pace).
Facilities: There is a small parking lot (not secure, not paid) at the start. There is also 1 bench by the pool.

If anyone is willing to add routes, please include the vital information as above :upside_down_face:.
Thanks in advance, cheers, happy hiking.

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Hi. You do not mention how far you are prepared to travel for a day hike? Oribi Gorge is within 2hour’s drive. :blush::+1::+1:

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