Dwarskloof Rock Arch - Southern Cederberg

Hey all

Has anyone been to or got pics of the Dwarskoof Rock Arch in the southern Cederberg? It is situated SE of Apex Peak. I am busy working on an off trail route from the Mouth Ceder side, and was wondering if it is worth heading all the way to this specific arch from that side?

I haven’t specifically been to Dwarskloof Rock Arch, but that whole Breekkrans area is stunning, so even if Dwarskloof is a let down, that area is still worth a visit. Doc’s Rock is a special place and the vlaktes in that area pure magic.

Cheers Arno.

I want hike there from the mount ceder side, and I see doc’s rock falls on their prop to, so I will be see to check that out too.

When I do go (which will only be off season next year), I will take a few pics and post them.


Picture of me camping near Doc’s rock in 2018

I’m also planning to go there again next year.


Looks magical :blush: