Energy drinks/powders/sachets


Can anyone recommend a good energy drink/powder/sachets to take along on a 7day hike? I took Game on a previous hike, but the powder-water ratio makes it quite a heavy option to trek along.
Off course i drink mostly water, but an energy boost at midday is so lekker.


I love Game for that zesty naartjie taste - especially when made with ice cold mountain water :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, the best energy drink I have used is Hammer’s Perpetuem - it is designed for endurance events (I have used it on multi-day cycling races) and it is by far the best product I have used. Made with long-chain sugars (for slower absorption and more sustained energy) and added protein, fat and minerals. It’s not very sugary (tastes a bit like Pro Nutro). Also comes with a decent price tag. Perhaps a bit overkill for hiking but offers great weight-to-energy benefits.


The thought of an orange flavoured, tangy mountain water infused bottle of Game after n long climb versus a ProNutro-like drink with… well all that healthy stuff. Uhm, the Game powder is becomming a very attractive idea again.


My take is to stick to good old mountain water, eat nuts (wall or pecan), dates and home made (read self-made e.g. NO processed sugars) granola for perfect and prolonged energy boosts. Pack an apple a day - it’s nature’s “GAME”. All in all it’s also cheaper and much healthier (!) than any energy -bar or -drink on the market, plus no packaging that’s left behind.


Agree! I think the (expensive) energy drinks used by endurance athletes are overkill for hiking, unless you are trying to break records :wink:


I use Vita-Thion sachets and always have a sachet or two of rehydrate in my first aid kit


I have been using Supa Nutrition ( - you can buy their product online and it includes free delivery.

I find it is necessary to switch up the energy drinks you use from time to time - otherwise you end up getting sick of one.

I have used Game in the past, I forget the names of the others I have tried, but there are a few.

I use Rehidrat (and used Hammer Endurolytes in the past) in addition to energy drinks.

For my hike over the long weekend (story at I used the following:
bottle 1: Supa Nutrition Vanilla Choc flavour
bottle 2: Supa Nutrition Gingerbeer flavour
bottle 3: Rehidrat vanilla flavour
bottle 4 (day 2): Supa Nutrition Banana flavour
bottle 5: Rehidrat vanilla flavour
Bottles of plain water omitted from the list.

Mixing up the different items (notably bottle 1 and 4 are closer to something like Future Life shakes, not really like Game) definitely helps. I once did a Drakensberg Grand Traverse off only Orange Flavoured Game - needless to say, I ended the hike with most of it unused.