Family overnight near Clarens (16km total route)

I had been toying with the idea of an overnight with my wife and son (9 years) for some time. As rookies this would be a first for us.

The Canibal trail at St Fort farm outside Clarens sounded perfect.
This would be the first time my son would have to carry a pack and commit to staying the course. The first day is only 9kms, well within our capability.
The second only 7km.

The route was well marked, the terrain varied and interesting and once we arrived at the cave, the overnight facilities were everything we were promised.

There were mattresses available, running water and the cave offered more than sufficient shelter, had it rained (it poured the night before we set out). Wood is provided and was sufficient for evening and morning meals.

The experience was good and a great first hike for the family. Not too strenuous and exciting enough to encourage us to try again.

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