Fanie Botha Trail Booking Contact Number

Hi All, I’ve been trying to contact SAFCOL to book for the Fanie Botha trail, but have been unable to get through via email or phone as per their website details. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed? Many thanks, Warren

Try Fagala Voet:

Let me know if they’re right contact.

Hi I have used to contact them. Sorry I can’t find the telephone number.

Thanks very much gents - Hardus, I initially tried “”, with no response. I will give it another go, and try Arno’s suggestion as well, and report back.

Hi Hardus and Arno, I got replies from both email addresses, thanks very much. Not sure why the SAFCOL phone and email were unresponsive on first and second attempts, but third time was the charm for their email address.

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Use this email address
We hiked Fanie Botha in December last year and this was the person I corresponded with.

We hiked the Fanie Botha last year and this is the email I used -
Booking was easy and went quite smoothly.

Thanks very much Christine and RinnyB!

013 754 2724