Fanie Botha Trail suggestions

Hey everyone ! A couple of friends and I would like to explore the Fanie Botha hiking trail. We are only able to go for either 2 or 3 nights. From the research I have done so far it seems that there are many possible trails and it is very overwhelming. Does anyone have suggestions on which trails to take? (Pictures would be greatly appreciated as well) Thank you all for the help

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The most scenic days are day 2 and day 3 of the hike. That is Maritzbos to Stables and Stables to MacMac. Day 2 goes into indigenous forrest and climbs up a kloof to Hartebeesvlakte. You can also climb Mnt Anderson which is the second highest mountain in Mpumalanga from there. There are a beautiful waterfalls and pools in the kloof and also on the vlakte. Day 3 crests Mnt moodie and then following a ridgeline with great views. Day 1 is mostly through the plantations with a nice view of lone creek falls from the top and also the shortest hike. Day 4 is not worth it if you have time limitations. It goes through plantation and also goes around the town of Graskop. Day 5 is down and back up through a kloof and goes past Macmac pools and falls which is also beautiful, but reachable by car and just off the road between Sabie and Graskop (so basically don’t need to do the hike to get there). So in 2 or 3 days I would either start at Ceylon, walk to Maritzbos, Stables and then MacMac and exit at Pres Burger or if you have less time start at Maritzbos and skip day 1. The loop from Stables back to Ceylon is also just back through plantation so wouldn’t recommend if it is possible to leave a car at Pres Burger and rather walk on to MacMac.


I am new to group. Just want to know if there are any hiking groups around Centurion. I am really interested in doing this hike. Thank you.

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