Female hiking pants

I’ve searched high and low and it seems any form of light weight sweat wicking pant will put me back over R1k. I’ve always hiked in tights because the expense of hiking pants just seemed too wild and I had to invest in a good backpack first. But I’m going to die from heat in tights on the Fish River Canyon trail. Any words of wisdom? Decathlon have like two pairs to choose from on the female side - they look quite skinny :sweat_smile:. If they had an outlet in CT I would have fit a few mens pairs as they seem to always have more to choose from. What worked for you and are there something else to try maybe? Thanks!

Hello! I agree that Decathlon is for very skinny people but I managed to find affordable long “exercise” pants there (like a ski-pant but with a cooler other type of material). But with that said, I’ve always hiked in shorts. Did the Fish twice and I took shorts both times. And then I took a pair of cotton pants (basically like pajamas) for the evening. Hope you have a blast on the hike!

Thank you Anneri! I’m unfortunately one of those people that burn to a crisp if I just think about the sun :sweat_smile: So no bare legs for me! I realised after a lot of research that there is no way to sidestep this. I will have to wait for a sale on proper pants and just do it. It will pay back in comfortable adventures a hundred fold :grin: But I also realised that men do have more (and deeper) pockets on their pants, so I’ll seek those out too!