Finding hiking companions

I am retired so I can go hiking pretty much any time. However because my hiking companions are younger than me and have jobs, we have to book trails for weekends well in advance then rush off on a Friday evening or early Saturday morning to do two days of a multi-day hike and then rush home again, driving while tired in the weekend traffic.

Hiking alone during the week is not a sensible option and most trails don’t allow it anyway.

Are there any members of this community with a similar problem who would like to make up a group so we can book trails during the week, slot in rest days on longer trails like the Outeniqua, travel down the day before and return the day after?

I live in Grahamstown, within easy reach of many trails in the Eastern and Southern Cape.

You can sms me on 083 237 8752 and we can chat further on email.

Consider joining the Mountain Club (MCSA) - they should have regular meets. I know KZN section has plenty of retired individuals who use the KZN Section Whatsapp group to arrange trips during the week. I don’t know much about the Eastern Cape section, but I’m sure they would be similar.

Their website is

With KZN Section, you can usually sign up for a few meets, slide shows and the mailing list before actually formally joining. Kind of like a trial membership, so you don’t have to sign up on day 1 and you can make an informed decision. I’m sure Eastern Cape works in roughly the same way.