First Ascent Ice breaker vs Ice Nino

Hi there, I’m in need of a decent sleeping bag. My guy has an ice breaker, and it has done him extremely well. I am small, and wondering if anyone here has feelings about the better buy between the Ice breaker and the Ice Nino. Thanks in advance.

Mostly a matter of sizing.

Design is the same, contents etc all the same. There is a difference between how much down per gram each has, but that may also be subject to some kind of ratio relating to the sizing, ie hard to calculate as to whether it actually has ‘less’ down or not.

Your height, metabolism and sensitivity to cold as well as quality of your tent and sleeping pad are also relevant.

But to try answer your question, I have the IceBreaker and she has the IceNino. She sometimes feels cold, I always overheat. She almost always zips up completely. I hardly ever do. She’s 169cm tall and feels she could use an extra 5cm on the bag.

The feature of zipping the two together is pointless. Ignore that.

She’s happy with it though.

Thank you Carl. I went for the Ice Nino, im sure I will be happy with it.