First Ascent Venus Backpack quality

Hi all
I recently returned a barely used (two overnight hikes only) First Ascent Venus 65 l backpack since the fabric was splitting near the seams when packed in more than four places - note that the seam stitching was not ripping, the actual fabric was splitting open. The bag was purchased in 2016 but not used until recently - the bag looks very new.
After many weeks it was returned with the ripped fabric oversewn into the seams, but it will simply happen again as demonstrated at the factory when I went to them again. The managers have now got back to me and decline to replace the backpack with one with better fabric, but have offered a 30% off the current model. This will mean a new Venus for R2000. But I don’t want to spend another wad of cash if the latest version is also poor quality and not durable. I need to be able to pack it for a 5 day hike without the fabric falling apart.
Please let me know if you have experience with this backpack and can comment on the durability of the current fabric.
Thank you

How has it been stored for all this time? UV exposure will make fabric weak.

Not exposed at all - it was in my cupboard. No damp either.