Fish River in winter

Hi everyone. I’ve received conflicting feedback regarding the correct sleeping bag for doing the Fish end of July, ranging from a summer sleeping bag with a liner to a -5 sleeping bag. Please can I get some accurate inputs. Was planning on taking by First Ascent ice breaker.


Depends, do you sleep in a tent?
If you do, a lightweight summer bag is fine.
Sleeping in the open on a tarp or something similar, it could get a little chilly with the wind blowing…but it could also be uncomfortably hot during the nights.

Personally, for me a -8degC bag is serious overkill. I normally take the FA Amplify Down bag (only 0.55kg) but I sleep in a tent and never zipped it closed thus far. Mostly I sleep on top of it and early mornings use it as a blanket type covering.

If you were planning on taking your FA Icebreaker anyway then I don’t think you need to change your plans. It will almost certainly be overkill, but you can unzip it and use it as a blanket or as extra padding to lie on if it is warm. I don’t think you need to specially change your plans to take a summer bag.

Thanks. I also have a FA Amplify 900 synthetic. Will it be more suitable?

That will do just fine. I took my -15degC bag the first time around, I just never slept inside it :rofl:

I use the Fish River as an opportunity to test my Ultra Light hiking set up (though fully equipped- tent, water filtration, gas cooking etc included) just to see where and what I can live without. I even go Keto/fat adapted to cut weight on food.

The lighter the better.

I would say that the Amplify will work fine for the Fish River :slight_smile:

MasterMo, can you give me meal ideas for keto/fat adapted? I’m facing a problem with keeping the protein from going off over a 5-6 day hike!

Welcome Roads2roam!
I make a mix of protein powder, MCT powder, coffee and milk powder. Very effective and long lasting.
Nuts and biltong, hard cheeses, electrolytes are essentials. I like 99% dark chocolate from Lindt but that’s just me…Rusks made from Almond flour at Woolworths is also a good option if you are a big coffee and rusks fan like me, and they have several low/no carbs seeded crackers and bars available.
(Remember to take some carbs for a targeted keto approach.)

If you want to take meat double vacuum pack wrapped in newspaper, place that inside a tight fitting plastic bag. I found that it lasts for up to 5 days and never had a problem. It may smell a little funky when you open it on the 5th day but it is still fine. Just don’t expect wors to last that long. It may surprise you on day 3 already!:nauseated_face:

John West with Burger King mayo sachets are also a good alternative.

Thanks MasterMo, already doing some of these but going to try the meat vacuum packed!