Fixing waterproof seams on jacket


My rain shell’s seam sealing is giving the ghost here and there, especially at the shoulders due to backpack abrasion.

I am wondering if you could reseal some of the seams using something like tent seam sealer, seamgrip or something else. Or am i reverting to duct tape? Struggling to find a product online that is SA specific.

I am more keen to DIY this one than to shell out my hard earned ZARs just yet. Any bright sparks out there??

I have a number of Goretex jackets, still in good condition, mostly from Cape Union Mart that need the seams retaped. Does anybody have any sugestions. The original taping was done using heat!

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I do not have a tested solution, but some remarks:
I had a (triple layer) Goretex Mountain Hardwear jacket which served me well for almost 8-years of regular hiking. But eventually they do start to leak - be it on the seams or due to abrasion and micro tears in the fabric. So my first comment is preserve your rain jacket as it has a limited waterproof lifespan - do not wear it unless necessary.
As to fixing the taping on seams - would be very interested to hear what the local manufacturers say (my guess is “no”).
You can however buy Goretex iron-on tape:

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Thanks, yes my jacket is a cheap Hi-Tec so I havent really given it the respect it needed. Will probably try and rectify using seam grip if its officially leaking. Im just pre-empting the issue for now.

Its quite frustrating, rain jackets, my jacket probably gets used once for every 20 times it gets stuffed into my pack. And this repeated stuffing is what has worn out the cheap construction.

Moral of the story (1) goedkoop is duur koop and (2) the eternal answer to everything outdoor gear related: throw more money at it!