For all coffee lovers out there

If, like me, you need a proper filtered cuppa to start the day… I think I’ve found a way that saves space, weight and best of all… money.

I’ve tried it, and it even works with a collapsible cup/mug.

I bought mine at Cape Union Mart for just R99, and the link below is just to show what it looks like.
Hiking just coffee better. Sorry. I meant got better.


Ive got something extremely similar made by Sea to Summit it has a wire mesh in the bottom.
In my experience it requires a filter paper as well, then it makes a magic brew.
hardest part is not putting in to much water and your coffee mug spills over.

Its about the smallest lightest drip coffee system, but the coffee from a much much more expensive Aeropress is 100’s better (bulkier & heavier)

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