Gas canister calculator

Yes I know that different makers of gas, and burners all influence the actual outcome, but it is still worth checking this out, to see if your planning is in the ball-park, especially if gas is your primary source of heat… I usually have a secondry source, IE (primary) Trangia gas adaptor (Secondry) Trangia spirit burner (ALT) solid fuel tabs…

Remember the survival Triage (excluding bleeding & oxygen)

Shelter & heat

So heat source / cooking is a very high requirement, deserving of redundancies… When thinking redundancies, don’t put too much stock on there being “organic” fuel such as wood - twigs - and the such, Too many random things can eliminate them as a fuel source…

On top of the suggested gas needed
I would: -

  1. Add an extra day for safety
  2. Take into consideration the expected weather, and add that to the % reserve, assuming 20 % reserve for all good weather
    Careful of underestimating how much water you will be boiling, and how long it takes to kookup a meal for one… Perhaps it’s worth investigating this in your pre-planning phase