Gas Canister Stabiliser / Tripod thingymajics

Hi Guys, can someone please help. I’m looking for the gas canister stabiliser/tripod around Pretoria. I can do Joburg if need me, I frequent it quite a bit.

I’ve tried the usual Outdoor Warehouse, Makro, Solomon Outdoor, Builders Warehouse, Game, Camp World, and other smaller outdoor-equipment establishments without much luck.

I’ve made peace with ordering online, but thought I should ask the knowledgeable people on this platform first.

BTW, this is my first post. Now I sound like those people on the radio who mention to the DJ/Presenter that they’re a first time caller :grin:.

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I saw those tripods at Drifters;they are in William Nical drive.Their number (011)783-9200.option 2 is MSR TRIPOD .Camp and Climb in Pta (012)665-2079.

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@Paul12345 - you’re a :star2:. Thank you so much. Both stores are within reason distance. :slight_smile:

I know I picked my fire maple one up in store at Cape Union Mart, but that was a while ago.

For the record, Mountain Mail Order is City Rock’s online store :wink: :+1:

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@Jaxz - I will try the big Cape Union Mart branches when I drive past them. The few I’ve tried so far that are close to me didn’t have, worse they didn’t know what I was talking about even after showing them a pic.

And I see they have in Randburg. One thing for sure, I will be sorted by end of the week. Thanks guys.

Hi Guys, thought I’d report back. Got the item at Drifters (William Nicole Drive, Bryanston, JHB). Fantastic service there. Got assisted by a Kyle, great guy. Can’t remember when last I had such great service.



:+1:kyle is always very helpful and friendly ,HAPPY YOU SORTED


Just chipping in to add that I recently bought this ultra-cheap tripod thingy from Takealot, and it seems pretty good - fits my small MSR canister just fine! For just R29, I suggest throwing one in with your next Takealot order.

I so want to strangle you right now Phlippieb :grin:.
I’ll add it to my cart the next time I order from takealot. Thanks buddy. Much appreciated. I know a few friends who will appreciated this as a small gift.

Lol yeah sorry, I only saw this topic in my weekly highlight, otherwise I could have shared that product sooner. I think the more pricey ones will give you more bang for your buck though. The cheap one takes a bit of fiddling to fit over the canister, and it’s on the heavy side.

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