Globetrotter info - look what I've just got

Posed by another classic campstove forum contributer For any Globie fan

*Your testimony is also important, and I could propose a more accurate datation of your memories to the very end of the 1970’s, based on the camping-gaz documentation. Those stoves were clearly not sold in 1974-75, so 1978 might be the right release date. I put the advertisement I’ve been talking about right here: *

You can notice that on the small green insert on the right is shown what has been considered here as the “early” model, with two loops (one on each pot, base and top).

This is priceless! I’ve already printed & laminated a copy, to go with my collection of Globies, which now stands at 6, with 4 unpunctured canisters and 3 assembled, each on a globie, and a 7Th globie that I modded to take the 190g canister…

Anyhow, it kinda pegs the year of first manufacture and the modifications regards the number of lugs…
Which formes the basis of the discussion I’m having there!


I still have one of these. I got it around 1978/9 for my birthday.