Going lightweight / compact



I got my camping gear that works great for me to date (since I ride, fly and camp but not included hiking to date)
All my gear fits nicely into my smaller pannier, and just comfortable enough (All -First Ascent)

  • Lunar 2-person Tent
  • Ultralight mattress
  • Forgot type of sleeping bag, but pack pretty small / light
  • Hiker pillow
  • Desert Fox chair

However my goals for the next season is going to be hike and fly so I got VERY limited space (flying gear already 15kg, but planning on new gear bringing it down to 11) (if any pg pilots here, I’m still very new and KNOW I’m not ready yet…but … goals!)

Only reason I’ll have a tent is for keeping my gear dry, so comfort is taking a back seat.

Was hoping for some tent recommendations that take as little space and weight packed up, but still big enough for one person and a huge backpack (which the flying gear basically is)?
Ease to set up quickly would be big plus also. Durability … hmm… I guess if I want light I just have to take care of it better.

So essentially looking for recommendations (or any advise) on a lighter and smaller tent. Mattress will have to stay, obviously chair also.


ps: Not that I’m trying to flog of my stuff, but if any one interested in swapping / buying my tent…I’m all ears. :slight_smile:


Hi Nico

Take a look at NatureHike Africa’s tents (https://www.naturehike.co.za/collections/technical-tents). I own the Taga 2 which is their lightest, and I can vouch for its over-all quality. Heads up though, if you prefer a free standing tent (much easier set up) then one of their other designs would better suit your needs.

They also run small as does much Chinese designed gear, but the 2 person of any of their tents should more than suit your needs.



I use a Camp Master Dome 200, it might not be the greatest tent but packs up quite small if you roll up out of the carry bag. Cheap @R400, I use for my Backpack trails in the KNP.


Check out MSR Hubba (single tent) @ 1.12kg or the MSR HubbaHubba (2 man… or for your gear) @ 1.54kg still a full kilo lighter than your FA Lunar… AND it’s superb quality!