GPS Tracks for Hiking Trails

Hi All ,
Can we make this thread a place where everyone can paste links to web sites where one can find GPS tracks for download and use by other hikers. I have been finding it very difficult to obtain trail info on many hikes and hope we can share info on this thread.



That would be a really great thing. Somewhere to collect this material would be really helpful. I find any time I’mlooking for it is often scattered over dozens of not updated random sites, if it exists at all.

And that is no swipe at anyone going to the effort of uploading there own material, it is a lot of thankless work. So the idea of turning it into a bit of a community curated setup sounds amazing. Maybe some structure to it so it matches the trail list on the main site?

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Suunto move count: Has a user friendly interface to make your own routes and discover new ones!

Mountain Meanders: Has some interesting info on trails (Not always GPX though)

Caltopo: Cool site for GPX manipulation

TrailForks: Has routes that other apps don’t have (Especially in Banhoek area :wink: )


Great idea, thanks @JannieRoux!
@Jaxz Good idea! I’ll keep an eye out for GPS tracks that correspond to trails on the site and link them :wink: :+1:

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Caltopo is fantastic. I’ve found for the Cederberg a lot of the trails are part of the openstreet maps data set. Free and really powerful if you are wanting to put together your own route and then output a GPX file.

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I’ve heard of an app called Guthooks (US Hikers like Dixie and Darwin uses it) , but I don’t know if it’s only aimed at US Hikers, trails and info alone.
If that’s the case maybe someone can develop something for us South Africans too? A platform/app where Hikers can contribute.

Just an idea…

You can also check out WIKILOC website:

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Guthook is pretty great, but doesn’t cover outside of the big trails in the US/EU at the moment sadly :expressionless:

Agree with you though, the thing that makes Guthook stand out is that it acts as a nice centralized space for crowd source info as anyone using it can easily contribute. So it gets beyond, there is a trail here to telling you if there is actually any water in the stream, or that yes this is a camp site but it is ant infested and you are going to have a bad morning.

That’s quite a big jump, and it becomes about ease of use and accessibility that encourages people to casually contribute. The debate in the US is if this is a good thing :sweat_smile: Is the adventure gone if you have too much information?

To be honest, the main thing I would love is an “Is there any water?” app. I’m happy with very little info on most things, but with how quickly our climate is changing, even our great resources like the slingsby maps are becoming less reliable for that. And generally when I speak to staff at any of the parks I just get a shrug.

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I have started putting together a collection of gps maps for the Berg …

Feel free to download and use but there is no guarantee they are up to date/accurate as I am sourcing from multiple places and have not plotted the routes myself.

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Updated to V1.4

Wikiloc is the best.