Gpx file Magoebaskloof


I’ll be hiking the Magoebaskloof trail in the next week - 5 day route and was wondering if anyone has a gpx file for the routes? I would appreciate it since I’m not sure what the state of the trails are.

De Hoek hut – Woodbush hut –
Waterfall hut – Dokolewa Pools hut –
Seepsteen Mule Stables hut – De Hoek hut


You could probably find the gpx files on the Suunto moves count website.

I see there is one trail that one guy set up by trail running it.

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Was the trail open to hike and how was the condition?


Unfortunately the trail was in shambles or rather non existent. It wasn’t maintained at all. The de Hoek hut was also in very poor condition. After all the preparations we had made to hike, we decided not to hike owing to the lack of signage and fear of getting lost. A group of 23 had to be rescued at 12, the night before, after being lost after dark.

As far as I could gather, it would take them at least 2 months to get the trails passable again - June earliest.

I would call to confirm, although that in itself is a challenge.


Very sad to hear that… I’ll try and get hold of someone at SAFCOL to hear what the story is.

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Seems @Anita beat me to it: Safcol Hiking trails open? - #2 by Anita

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We did the hike this weekend from Woodbush to waterfall hut and then Dokolewa pools and the trail was very well maintained and good markings. The map they provide can be improved with more info and some Km marking would be nice.