Grabouw area to Jonkershoek

Hi Folks,

I came across a 2-day, one-way hike from the Grabouw area across to Jonkershoek. Accommodation was in a hut. This was over a year ago and I cannot for the life of me find it.

The Cape Nature maps don’t show any routes of that sort.

Anyone know which one I am thinking of?

Thank you!

It sounds like you’re referring to the Boland Trail. The official trail is a loop that returns back to the start, however, if you don’t mind a bit of a drive to drop off the key, you can totally continue hiking to Jonkershoek on day 2.

Thanks Arno.
I remember the website stating it was a through-hike requiring a vehicle at each end/friends/family/Uber to assist. So while it might incorporate the Boland Trail, the info I found is different.

Either I didn’t look at the map properly, or it’s a different map…

Day 1 is Nuweberg to Landdroskop hut, 12km.
Day 2 is Landdroskop to Jonkershoek, unsure of distance.

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