Grabouw area to Jonkershoek

Hi Folks,

I came across a 2-day, one-way hike from the Grabouw area across to Jonkershoek. Accommodation was in a hut. This was over a year ago and I cannot for the life of me find it.

The Cape Nature maps don’t show any routes of that sort.

Anyone know which one I am thinking of?

Thank you!

It sounds like you’re referring to the Boland Trail. The official trail is a loop that returns back to the start, however, if you don’t mind a bit of a drive to drop off the key, you can totally continue hiking to Jonkershoek on day 2.

Thanks Arno.
I remember the website stating it was a through-hike requiring a vehicle at each end/friends/family/Uber to assist. So while it might incorporate the Boland Trail, the info I found is different.

Either I didn’t look at the map properly, or it’s a different map…

Day 1 is Nuweberg to Landdroskop hut, 12km.
Day 2 is Landdroskop to Jonkershoek, unsure of distance.

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Hi Sardine,
thats right.
I did the trip the other way around last year. The day from Jonkershoek to Landdroskop Hut is long but spectacular.
Make sure that you do the 15min walk up from landroskop hut to the nek for sunset - one of the best sunset spots of my life with the whole of somerset west and strand at your feet.

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Hi Alan,

Super, thank you for the info!

I stayed in the Landroskop hut a year ago and it’s still exactly the same as the last time I stayed in it in 1997. Love that place

Hi Sardine,

I have done this hike a couple of times recently. I can give you a comprehensive rundown of the route if you wish.


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Hi Lawrence,

Yes please, that would be awesome!
Do you mind posting here so others can also benefit from your info?

Hi, sorry for the super late response :slight_smile:

As mentioned, I have done this a couple of times now and its a difficult but really rewarding hike. We started our hike at the top of Sir Lowry’s pass as we wanted to get the full experience of the old Boland Trail. It windes from Sir Lowry’s all the way toward Hansekop (Easy section) and then you walk up the Hanse kop tar until the hair pin where you take a right turn.The path is still very visible but not in the best condition so expect a difficult day of walking. We got caught in a really bad wind storm and ended up tenting for the night about 6km from Hanse Kop about half way to the Landroskop hut. It would be difficult to do the Sir Lowry section all the way to the huts in one day as its a pretty long section and you would need to start super early. I would break this up with a camp in between. Beware the wind, the South Easter funnels across this range and we almost got caught with our pants down up there. Freezing misty conditions with high winds in summer is common. There is a story that many years ago a group of hikers died up there as they got caught in poor weather. From Landroskop hut its a short walk up to the saddle and then from there is a pretty well marked route with lots of markings to the base of Somerset Sneeuberg. Plenty of scree fields along the way. We left our packs in one of these rocky sections below and summitted. Its an an amazing view up there of the Hottentots Holland basin. From the base of Somerset Sneeuberg it is a serious walk to Jonkershoek with a good hard section through an overgrown protea forest which will test mind and body alike. Once at the top of Jonkers there are 3 possible routes to descend. We chose Kurktrekker to get down as it was the fastest.


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