Grand traverse in April

Does anyone want to do the Grand Traverse in April?

It would be good to get some like minded people together and have some fun in an amazing location.

I come from a hiking family, I have hiked in the Blouberg, Wolkberg, Magoebaskloef, Drakensburg and I have been lucky enough to hike the PCT.

I have a good three man tent and some extra kit if needed.

Get in touch.

Blueberry ; )

Want? Yes
Physically able? I hope so
Mentally able? Definitely
Financially able? Probably not…

Hi Gerrie.

I hope you got my e-mail last night. I am keen of you, are keep in touch.


The financial side of things. My mother is going to some airy fairy thing amabob in Underberg so will drop off at the sentinel car park and pick us up at the end. transport sorted. all else we can figure out on the way. maybe😆

I am from Tzaneen so will travel through Gauteng ( I am assuming you from that area) then down the N3 to the berg. Will pick up if needed.

Hi Blueberry
What are the dates that you are looking at please?

I would also like to know the dates you are looking at, and whether you are planning resupplies or are going to carry everything for the whole traverse…?

Hi Blueberry, as far as I know I havent received a mail from you yet. My comment was sort of tongue in cheek, I live in Cape Town and a lot of things need to fall in place before I can commit (have been on many DGT invite lists but they always fell through).

That said, please keep sharing your planning on this page. How many passes have you done? Have you done a shorter Northern traverse or similar? Resupply plans? How many days walking? Do you have a specific route planned, i.e. “traditional” scenic traverse or a more straight line? What do you use to navigate with? What pack weight are you looking at? Do you have other people keen that you have hiked with before? Given that you are in KZN / that side of the world, it may be helpful to post on vertical and perhaps even meet with one of the many experienced people in KZN that have done the DGT.

I have spent a lot of time thinking / planning a virtual DGT, but have only had one 6 day hike in Cathedral peak so by all means I am a beginner when it comes to the high berg. Have lots of experience in the WC mountains though, am a guide on Table Mountain, have guided on the Rim of Africa etc.

Hello Mike and Ruth.

I was think at the end of April. Although I am very flexible if people have commitments.

I am self employed so can go hike anytime in the Autumn and winter( gardening is a summer job).
Another option is to walk from the Friday the 12th or Saturday the 13th of June. My mother is doing something in Underberg and can drop us off and pick us up. We have an extra cab bakkie with canopy. I think quiet a few of us can fit in the back.

I was wanting to do the whole walk in one go but I am also flexible on this issue. Some advise would be appreciated. I have never done such a hike.


I like your sence of humour. Be good on a hike.

So I am in the begging stages of planning.
I was wanting to do it in one go, no resupply.
The route would be more scenic if possible.
I think flexibility would be quiet important.

Fly to Joburg and I ll pick you up at the air port on the way past. I live in Tzaneen Limpopo province.

Awesome, goodluck with the planning. I will respond to your PM

Hi Blueberry, I have come over from the UK to visit family and as my reward for completing Uni I’ve been planning on taking on the grand traverse! I even made a topic of my own stipulating exactly what you have above (company to hike with around April) and fortunately, someone linked me to this thread!
Obviously, the virus has come about since this has been posted however, I am over until late May and with any luck, I really hope to get this hike in before I leave.
Currently, I am still on my own in plans but would love to join if you’ll have me, I believe I make good company and although relatively unexperienced in hikes (with my experience being only in the UK), I have been very fitness orientated having played rugby since a young age and have been undergoing training whilst stopping over with my family in Knysna.

Hi Brad

Yes, I would be very keen to have you along. As soon as this mess is over we can make arrangements.

Please send me your cell number if you have one. I can then add you to the what’s app group. It is only 4 people, 5 with you;). I think that is a perfect number.

Thanks for the mail.

Kind regards


Awesome, thanks for having me ! My numbers +44 (0)7506366033.

Best regards,