Groot Winterhoek suggestions

Hi Hiking SA forum

I see that CapeNature has finally removed the “closed until further notice” banner from the Groot Winterhoek webpage and I am very keen to head up there for a weekend. I would appreciate recommendations for a suggested weekend hike, either arriving late on Friday night or early Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon with overnight in either tent or one of the huts. Thanks in advance.

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Excellent! Shout if you need some company :smiley::+1: Haven’t been there either…

Hello @Wooshness, this is the most common trail in Groot Winterhoek: I havent done it yet.

I believe the paths are signposted and navigation is easy. Just a tip on navigation in Groot Winterhoek - the only good maps available are the 1:50000 topographical maps of SA. The trails are however indicated on this map for the area (3319AA Groot Winterhoek).

I use an app called Avenza Maps, where you can download the 1:50000 topographical maps of SA for free use. It even shows your location on the map itself and can take compass bearings, measure and record routes, etc. (not very accurate but handy nonetheless).

PS, the Groot Winterhoek peak is on my to do list, looks like a real adventure (multi day offtrail self navigated). Its a very prominent peak (2077m), hard to miss once you have spotted it.

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Thanks @Gerrienel. I will check this out. I also use Avenza for anything outside of Cape Town, or Slingsby’s for Cederberg or Witels areas.

@Arno I will definitely give you a shout. Looking to head out possibly September some time.

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Perdevlei any day😁

Hi Gerrie, please let me know if and when you are planning to bag GW peak? I’d be super keen to join if it’s an open invite!

@ThePeanut yes of course. Its just an idea at this stage, i dont know the area and would probably first go do Die Hel to get a feel if it looks probable or not. I would assume the vegetation is pretty dense, making offtrail endeavours hard. Need some MCSA intel :wink: