Haweqwa / Witteberg info

Hi everyone. I’m keen to hike Witteberg Peak (Du Toitskloof) and can’t find any info online on permits, maps, or updates on whether the trails are accessible after the recent storm.

I’m newish to hiking so maybe I just don’t know where to look! I tend to hike alone so it’s important to do my research so I know what I’m getting into. Any advice or info will be appreciated!

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Hi @coffeeandkale . I have done a couple of overnight hikes in that area before although not up to Witteberg Peak itself. There are a number of access options and all are relatively tricky and require at least two permits if you are not an MCSA member and one of you are. Are you a member? Which route are you planning on using? I can advise based on that. Happy to otherwise answer questions.

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Thanks @Wooshness! I’m not an MCSA member. The MCSA Cape Town section isn’t currently accepting new members (site says it’s due to revamping the application process). But hoping to join as soon as they reopen applications.

The only route info I have is from AllTrails and there isn’t any further info in the comments… :confused: Will add image of the route below

Okay so that route starts at the Kromrivier Hut which is administered by the MCSA Paarl-Wellington Section. You will need to contact one of the following from there and explain your plan and hopefully they will should be able to help with permit requirements and parking arrangements:

Most of that route is through CapeNature land, so you will then need to sign a Route Safety form which will be submitted to the conservation manager of Limietberg, Patrick Shone. MCSA should facilitate that but they may not accept a form with just one name on for safety reasons. CapeNature are very risk averse.

Another option for accessing that area is via Eerste Tol at the top of Bainskloof. For this, you would park at Eerste Tol and walk along the Murasie/Happy Valley trail until it ends and then potentially into Springstybeugel which is managed by MCSA Cape Town section. If you want to use this option, you need to contact Ron Clark, (021) 782 2396, 084 220 0183, ronandrewclark@gmail.com who will hopefully be able to assist with the requirements. This route also required CapeNature permits. There are a couple of informal campsites in Springstybeugel if you are keen for that. I can share coordinates if needed.

I hope this helps. Quite complicated but I am happy to answer any other questions. Feel free to pop me a direct message if need be.


I’m in Cape Town but very keen to join any overnight adventure in those mountains!!

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Brilliant, I’ll DM you!