Hiking Boots For W-I-D-E feet

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Can anyone recommend a boot (with ankle support) for wide feet? Male, Size 10.5, the lighter the better.

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The Salomon Quest 4D 3 has a nice wide toebox and is fairly light.
The Jim Green Razorback has a very wide toebox and is super tough, but weighs a bit more. I’m selling my pair for R850 if you’re interested (only wore them 5 times). Size 10, but the width is equivalent to most size 11 or 12’s.
The Hi-Tec Altitude wide fit might also be a good option: https://www.hi-tec.co.za/product/altitude-v-ultra-i-wp-wide?variant=1112

Hi Arno, thanks very much for the info, will pass on to my dad (enquiring on his behalf).

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Hi @Warren77 I also have boer pote and am using Jim Greens (although they are damn heavy yes). Other brands that make wider shoes are Merrell and Keen.

Look at this one Camping, Hiking & Outdoor | Gear & Equipment | Cape Union Mart

I also use Merrell Chameleon shoes, although dont seem to find a Chameleon boot in SA anymore. They are very durable (going on year 4). There are newer Merrell boot models at Cape Union which may also work, e.g. Cape Union Storefront Catalog - Cape Union Mart

Hope this helps

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Old thread but in in the same position now - looking for lighter weight synthetic boots wide toe pocket and good ankle support.

Looking into the Hi-Tec boots they seem reasonably priced wondering if that’s reflected in the quality. Hopefully going to Hi-Tec next week sometime for a testing.

Try Keen at Cape Union. Boots are really wide. Think it’s called the Targee or something.

If you are looking for a very wide, I would guess about as good as it gets is Altra, think Drifters has the lonepeaks in mid-height. A lot of people swear by them in terms of comfort, but they are zero drop and upscale trail runners rather than proper boots. They don’t have the best rep for longevity either. But yeah, WIDEST toe-box I have ever tried on.

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