Hiking First Aid


Hiking First aid Kit
This first aid kit is specially designed for hikers. The kit should confidently deal with most hiking medical emergencies.
Price R275-00
Please contact Neil Harris:
076 748 0043


Could you give us the overall size and possibly the weight?


Added a photo with the dimensions and weight.
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This is really great - much better than the average kit sold commercially. Does this come with an insert/guide?


The kit comes with a small guide covering the following basic first aid topics:
Snake Bites

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Do you still have some of these in stock?


Yes, I do have some in stock. Currently running a promotion where the Hiking First Aid Kit comes with a Free small Cuts and Grazes first aid kit.

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How can i get 1 of these


First aid kits are an interesting topic.

Items that are absolutely essential:

  • Plasters (and something to cut them with, if they are the tape type - which I prefer to carry as it is more versatile)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Antiseptic cream
  • En electrolyte supplement such as Rehidrat or Hammer Endurolytes
  • Something to stop bleeding, a bandage is first prize, but you can use your buff, or even tear strips off your clothing if you don’t have something suitable

The most important point on first aid is knowing how to use everything. The best first aid kit on earth is useless if you don’t know how to use it. I always wonder why basic first aid isn’t taught at school.

I carry my own put together kit with items from Clicks/Dischem - it weighs under 100g and is carried in a small packet on my hikes. I never hike without it - I even carried it on Mnweni Marathon last weekend.


Please use contact info below should you wish to place an order.

Cell: 076 748 0043
E-mail : therealneilharris@mweb.co.za

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