Hiking: Good for the body AND the mind

The many benefits of hiking. It even acts as a natural antidepressant!


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I get reminded of this every time we go on a multi-day hike. My stress and anxiety disappears, my mood lifts, I suddenly find myself thinking creatively again…it’s quite amazing actually. When I started hiking, multi-day hikes used to cause a fear of the unknown to rise up in me. After having done a few, I now crave them like sunshine and chocolate :smiley::park::sunny:

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I wonder when the medical aid industry and other health-programs will catch on to the potential here. Long-term health & productivity is an integration of healthy body-mind-soul. Bring on the long walk!


Unfortunately the medical aids don’t acknowledge hikes at all you get vitally points for swimming running cycling and golf
If only those corporates tried conquering a summit
The world would be a better place