Hiking in Tsisikama

Hi, we are two girls scheduled to Hike the Garden Route at the end of Jan.
We will be taking the citiliner ten hour bus ride from capetown to the hike.
I wanted to ask if any of you have taken this bus and if we need to be concerned about personal safety. We really know nothing about South Africa as we have never been and the bus ride worries me.
Also, how safe is it to hike with a guide in Tsisikama also with regards to personal safety (attacks on women, etc).

Thank you!



I haven’t recently been on a Citiliner bus, but my mother has on several occasions, and she’s never had any issues. You don’t need to worry about personal safety on the bus.

I’m not aware of any issues on the Tsitsikamma trail. I hiked it last year and never felt unsafe … mind you, I am a guy … not sure if it would be different for women. If you decide to use a guide on the trail, just be sure to get a well reputed guide (from the place where you booked through). And if you are still concerned, maybe try to increase the size of your group by inviting on this forum, other hikers to join your group.


Are you planning on hiking on the Tsitsikamma Trail, or in the Tsitsikamma area. The latter is a region between Plettenberg Bay and Oyster Bay. The trail has huts, with flush toilets and hot showers.