Hiking Partners in July and general Info

Hi my name is Pedro, i’m a Brazilian hiker and i’m going do South Africa for the month in July.
I’m Planning to do a few treks around SA, so i’m looking for general info regarding trails and how to get to them, and also looking for partners to hike with me.
I’m going to do the Otter Trail in the 8th of July but have not made any other plans so far, regarding hikes.
In my research i’ve became interested in the Drakensberg, the Cederberg, the Amathole hiking trail, and in Blideriver canyon. But i’m am also completely open to suggestions!
Thank you all for the informations and hope to hear from you guys soon!
Best Regards,
Pedro Vieira

Hiking in the Cederberg in winter is fantastic! Check out the latest article on the Cederberg for general info: The Cederberg | An Introduction - Hiking South Africa

There’s also an introductory article on hiking the Drakensberg passes: Drakensberg Passes | Intro - Hiking South Africa

For the Amathole and Otter trails, check out the trail reviews here and here

Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions.

What types of hikes are you up for, how fit are you and when are you planning on being where? Are you looking at climbing as well, or just hiking?

You are welcome to PM me your email address and I’ll see if there’s something you can join on. I’m in charge of the hiking portfolio of the KZN region of the Mountain Club of SA (KZN region includes the Drakensberg), and am in the Drakensberg most weekends.

If you are here for the first weekend of August (and are quite fit), I am leading a mountain club hike up Giants Castle in the Drakensberg. It is a spectacular route and the summit is famous for some amazing views.

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Hi Arno, thank you very much for the info!
May i ask you a couple of questions?
It is possible to hike 2 people only? i’ve read in some websites that a minimum of three is required.
Also, i’m wondering about logistics to get in and out of the trail, so if you have any thoughts on that, it would be great!
I usually download the map of the trail in my iphone to carry with me in the trail, do you have a .kmz file of cederberg?
Thank you so much for all the help!

Ghaznavid, i’m open to any kind of hike, but i’d like to do some overnight hikes, while in South Africa. So far my only plans it that i’ll arrive in cape town on de 1st of July, be in the otter trail in the 8th, and will be leaving cape town in the 30rd of July.
I think i’m fairly fit, i usually run one hour every day and i’ve hiked in high places (above 5000m) before. I don’t really have a lot of experience on climbing so i think it would be safer just to stick at hiking.
I’ll definitely send you my email!
Unfortunately i will be leaving in the 30rd so i wont be in South Africa in August, but i’d you like very much joining you guys for this hike. I definitely want to hike in the drakensberg this July!
Thank you very much for all the help!!

  • It is possible to hike with only two in a group, but you need to inform Cape Nature of it and sign an indemnity form stating that you are aware of the added risks of hiking with less than three people, as three is the recommended minimum.
  • The Cederberg is a wilderness area, so there is no set trail, but a large network of paths that you can stitch together as you desire. If it’s a circular trail, then you’ll obviously end up back at your car, but if it’s a non-circular trail, you’ll probably end up hitch hiking back to your car, unless you can arrange transport with someone in the area - one of the local farms maybe. If you need some ideas on circuits, let me know.
  • I would highly recommend purchasing the Slingsby “Hike the Cederberg” map. You can buy online from Slingsby, or from outdoor stores like Mountain Mail Order (City Rock) or Drifters. That map combined with a topographical map app like Topo Maps+ will be a great combo.

Arno, thank you very much, i would very much appreciate some ideas on circuits, we were thinking about doing a 4 day circular trail at first, starting on the 3rd of July and coming back by the end of the 6th. Do you have any suggestions?
I’ll definitely buy these maps, but do you have any .kmz file to share?
Do you have any recommendation for places do sleep prior the start of the hike? Is the best place to start Clanwilliam?
I’m also thinking about hiking the alexandria in Addo, but couldn’t find out wether it is possible to hike in only two or not.
Thank you very much for all the help!!

No problem - let me know.

Hey man, i’ve tried to sent you a private message but i can’t do that apparently. So here’s my email:
Thank you very much for all the help!!
I think you’ll bee able to get to the KNZ region around the 18th and leave around the 28th to catch my flight in cape town on the 30rd.

Hi Pedro, I’ve attached a KMZ file of our recent hike in the northern Cederberg. The route includes Krakadouw, which can be tricky, so caution needs to taken and you need to gauge your own abilities - navigation skills are definitely necessary. If you cut out Krakadouw, it becomes a very do-able 4-day hike.
Northern Cederberg Circuit.kmz (4.3 KB)

Hi Arno, thank you so much, and i’m sorry it took me so long to back to you.
You’ll download the maps now, and try to figure them out.
I have a couple of questions that i’d like to ask about some general info regarding this trail and the area.
Do you recommend for us to stay at clanwilliam the night before the beginning of the hike, or there’s another town which is a better starting point? Can you recommend a cheap hostel or a campsite for us to stay?
I’ll be probably with a rental car, but in case i’m not, is it possible to do it without one?
Hope to hear from you soon, and we’ll be in touch

The Kliphuis campsite is an ideal spot to spend the night. It is also the starting point for your hike and you can arrange with the rangers to leave your car there.
You’ll definitely need your own transport, so renting a car is a good idea.