Hiking shoes for big feet

Hi there! I’ve been been hiking with trail running shoes up to now, but I’m looking to buy something more hiking specific. I really like the Keen Venture mid WP hiking boots and Under Armour Speedfit 2.0 styles - i.e. not full scale hiking boots, but more ankle support than trail running shoes. Can anyone comment on how these brands’ sizes compare to Nike and Asics? I normally wear a size UK 14, so want to know whether a US 15 would be big enough?

i can unfortunately not help re the sizing but suggest you google user reviews - a lot of people will comment on the fit (doubt that many Saffas have worn Keen or Under Armour shoes and I guess you also want some comment on the specific models)

i sometimes struggle to find shoes for my UK 11 feet; but i suppose i don’t really know what “struggle” is :wink: