Hiking sock

Hlo all what hiking socks do you use?i baught brightdale trekker but after 1 day hike top inner stitching came loose .Thanks

I use Falke inner socks and Hi-Tec outer hiking socks.

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Paul, I suggest you return those. I’ve only had good experience with Bridgedale socks.


I’ve bought mine from Hi-Tech ! no issues for a 7hour hike a day

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Thanks will return today

Thanks always for good advice

Trappers were kind anoth to exchange


HI Paul Please contact me regarding your Bridgedale issue.

Hlo trevor

HI Paul do you have a number or mail address to take off forum.

No thanks

We can chat on forum

Ok I work very closely with the manufacturers of the Bridgedale product and would like to address the problem at the factory if possible.

I returned socks where I purchased.Trappers Clearwater Mall ,I returned them yesterday.

I worn then for the first time on Sunday for day hike at Hennops "hope that helps"thanks your concern

Thanks Paul I will track the return to the factory. We are a little obsessed with quality at the factory, manufacturing faults are not an option. I am glad Trappers replaced the product without to much drama.


Thanks "little things"happen,I still using the product in all fairness,only had good feedback before I purchased the product,trappers had a look and replaced it immediately,no song & dance😀,thanks again your concern in the matter.

I was quite concerned the other day to see “plastic socks” made from recycled PET…

Terribly sorry but Bridgedales for me, thank you very much. I understand they are not pure wool…


100% woollen socks maybe an option / viable since you seem to have the ear of the right people…:wink:

Modern hiking sock are highly technical in design, some of our socks have more than half a dozen different yarns in their construction. Each yarn has different characteristic in terms of elasticity and temperature transmission. Our extreme cold weather socks have more than 50% Merino Wool, these are too warm for African conditions. The quality of the yarn and the design are key to shape and fit. Wool however is also a very effective at dissipating heat built up in warm conditions. In spite of all the great properties of wool, it would not be possible to make 100% wool socks that would stay up and not shrink into teeny sizes at the first warm wash.