Hiking stools

A few weeks ago at the Fish River, I noticed a number of ‘older’ (more experienced) hikers had stools strapped to their packs. Folded flat, no back. I would have happily carried a stool, the rocks have hardened up over the last years. Any ideas, where or what you can get?

These will probably be your lightest option: Natural Instincts Tripod Stool | MCCH016 | Outdoor Warehouse

But having a little backrest could also be nice: https://www.outdoorwarehouse.co.za/product/natural-instincts-compact-chair-with-backrest/6478


There is always these options from Nature Hike.

Also a friend of mine uses his foam roll mat as a chair and sits on it while it is rolled up.

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second that! keeps the weight down and works great.

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Perfect, thanks for this info; at 272g and folds that small, that stool is exactly what I need. Cheers

Hi. We’ve come across something called a “Howzit seat”. It is totally collapsible, with adjustable back support, made of a strong foam and covered with a durable canvas type material. A bit heavy at 800 grams but your back will love it.