Hiking stove: MSR, Jetboil or Fire Maple


Good day everyone! I would like to hear your opinion and advice regarding a cooking system/stove for multi day hikes. I am considering a Jetboil zip or a MSR pocket rocket 2 or a Fire Maple model of some sorts. Want a light, fuel efficient and compact cooking system. What is your choice and why? Pros & Cons? Cost and best place to purchase? Thanks a lot!


Fire Maple’s FMS-105. Small, lightweight, cheap and really good!

Get one at Outdoor Warehouse, they are currently on special for R450…Cape Union does not stock it for some weird and wonderful reason…


Thanks Anton I appreciate it. Will go to Outdoor warehouse and take a look at the Fire Maple 105.


Let me know if this is maybe only a Port Elizabeth or East Cape promo price…where are you based?




Hi Anton I am located in Pretoria.


Thaks for the link Arno!!!


Got me the pocket rocket. Jetboil seemed like a bit over overkill (price / flexibility) though really nice, fire maple a took too much space (for my setup, where all fit into a single cooking pot)