Hiking to Waterfall Bluff (and accomodation)

Hi there.

I am looking to do the waterfall bluff hike but we don’t have much time and won’t be able to do a full day hike. I am desperately trying to find information on accommodation that might be nearby? I don’t know the area AT ALL and I’d really like some personal recommendations. We don’t have a 4x4 which makes it even trickier

Hi Zoe, I documented a hike I took along this part of the Wild Coast, from Port Edward to Port Saint Johns. You can read about it hereHow to Hike the Pondo Land Wild Coast from Port Edward to Port Saint Johns

Because of this hike, I had to do some research in the area, and I think I can help. However, Waterfall Bluff is extremely remote and not easy to access. Option 1 below is your best bet, in my opinion, but even that will require a 4X4.

Option 1:
The closest accommodation I know of is Luphutana Beach Camp by Pondo Beach Camps. I have plotted the route, and from Luphutana, Waterfall Bluff is only 3.26 km away (so approximately 7 km round trip). Unfortunately, their fact sheet states:

The journey to Luphuthana consists of lots of technical driving therefore access with a high clearance 4x4 is ESSENTIAL. We also encourage drivers to stay constantly alert due to livestock, pedestrians and potholes. Avoid driving to our camps at night.

Option 2
Pondo Tours recently announced that they introduced a new homestay close to several attractions, including Magwa Falls, Angel Falls, Waterfall Bluff, and Cathedral Rock. You can find the Facebook post here. However, I’m uncertain whether you could access it with a car.

Option 3
Another option is hiking from Mbotyi, which is definitely accessible by car. However, that’s a whopping 13 km one way, meaning you’d have a 26 km day ahead of you.

Cathedral Rock
If you’re heading to Waterfall Bluff and have the opportunity, I highly recommend visiting Cathedral Rock which is about 2.6km from Waterfall Bluff. This sight is truly spectacular, and I personally found it even more mesmerizing than Waterfall Bluff. I’ve documented both of these locations in a video from my trip, and I genuinely believe you won’t be disappointed:

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you find anything else or what you decide to do!