Hiking (wild) camping near Gauteng

Hi all!

I am very keen to do a hike with my hiking tent and camp at the overnight stops. Maybe this is considered “wild camping”? similar to what one would do on the Drakensberge?

Are there any trails / areas closer to Gauteng where this would be possible? All of the multiday hiking trails I know of have huts at the overnight stops.

There should be options in the Magaliesberg, but you might need to contact the Mountain Club of South Africa for access. Other than that, Drakensberg, Wolkberg Wilderness Area and Malolotja Nature Reserve are other options.

Thanks Arno! I see the MCSA has some very nice properties in the Magalies. Thats defenetely the first choice as its only about an hours drive.

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Hi Arno, do you by chance know if the MCSA is okay with none members accessing their properties with permission/payment? They look like a great organization that I keep intending to join, but to be honest I don’t have an amazing track record with club membership :face_with_monocle:

Access to MCSA properties always requires the presence of at least one MCSA member, depending on the property. In terms valuable club memberships, I’d say the MCSA is arguably the most valuable. They do amazing work in securing pieces of wilderness and if you make use of their properties as a member, the value for membership fee is amazing. I’ve been a member for 10 years.

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GOOD LUCK trying to join the Magalies MCSA.

You have a better chance of joining the Free Masons or Illuminati.


Just a personal note about the Magaliesberg division of the MCSA:

I tried to join them, but they require referrals from 2 existing Magaliesberg MCSA members. I had a referral from a Magaliesberg member and a KZN member, but was still not allowed to join. I eventually joined the KZN branch of the MCSA, as they do not have the same joining requirements. The experience of trying to join the Magaliesberg division really left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I felt like I wasn’t good enough to join their club. I hope that they reconsider this rule in future.


I didn’t realise the Magaliesberg section was still hanging on to that antiquated rule…



Maybe the MCSA Magalies does not exist? Maybe they are the Free Illuminati?


I have a mate who has a mate that can get you in. Though, like @Jaxz I’m a poor joiner. Except for Club Tropicana where drinks are free.


I found all of the Magalies info on the JHB section website. Do you know if they also have the strict joining rules?

“The Old Boys club” never heard any good comments about magalies mcsa. From farmers,hikers to anti pouching units and mountaineers alike​:joy:.your best bet is to contact farmers direct for wild camping.dont worry Ruth they left a bad taste to MANY.:joy:well maybe they THE NEW NEW FREE ILLUMANIST WITH THEIR OWN STAIRWAY (electric) TO heaven and they got their OWN kundalini(serpent powers).:joy:Astro Theology maybe magalies belongs to them ,it is written in the starssss​:joy:

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Diedappermuis & Ruth I enjoyed your YouTube post👍

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Over the Easter weekend I went and did a day hike at Milorho Lodge near Rustenberg. They have a camp site (obviously not ‘wild camping’; it has ablutions and so on) and a nice 12km route. I think it would be a good place for testing tents near Gauteng (you could pack up all your stuff and hike with it on the day hike route, then pitch your tent and stay over at the camp site).


A similar option would be to camp at the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve camp site and do their 21km or 15km hikes during the day.


There is no problem with non-members visiting MCSA owned properties.
Access is by permit, contact either the Magaliesberg or Johannesburg section administrators (details on the the section web pages: https://magaliesberg.mcsa.org.za/, https://mcsajohannesburg.org/).
There is a permit fee. Book early as the demand can be high and numbers are limited.

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You seem to talk to a lot of people.
Can you be a bit more specific about what the problems are.
Many people I talk to dont have any problems with the MCSA Magaliesberg section. But then maybe it is due to my Free Mason membership.

It is not a case of trying to keep you out. The club has rules, why is it that they should change for you?
I hope you enjoy your KZN membership, all the sections I have dealt with are very welcoming. If you are in the Pretoria area you are of course welcome to join any of the Magaliesberg section meets as well.

If you member of freemasonry then that is what you DO.Please read above posts where people complaining about membership to magalies mc,As far as masonry ,is it not like any other WORLD religion(chakras/astrology based? Whom ever I talk to ,is the same as I am writing a reply to you ?symbols is first alphabet !A=🐂 N=🐍etc. compass 360• ,six,five ,9( sun/moon/earth)Sophia!?image image

etc etcimageimage

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Nothing NEW under the SUN!?

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